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Tim Wilson, George Is On My Mind (george Song) Chords

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Tim Wilson - George Is On My Mind (george Song) (Chords)

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                Tim Wilson 
George Is On My Mind (George Song)

       G 	     C             D             G   (stop)
George Bush, George Burns, George Jones, George Benson.
          G    C                    D                       
George C. Scott, George Reeves, George Wallace, George Hallice, George Washington,
 	  	   G         D
George Washington Carver.
       G 	          C              D         G  (stop)
George Jefferson, George Jetson, George Macard, George Harrison.

    G 	                C 	                     D  G   D
Boy George, by George, George of the Jungle, George Strait, Chris George, Linda Day George.
       G 	                      C 	  	     D
George Patten, Phylus George, George Custard, George McCullen, George Foster, George Martin, 
       G       (stop)
George Thorgood. 

       G 	       C                D 	 G     (stop)
George Carlin, George Hamilton, George Wrath, George Jussle Talu-a-gorge.
      G               C              D
Susan George, Curious George, Georgy Porgy, George Clinton, George Seagal, George McGovern, 
 	  	  	  	  	      G    (stop)
Jeff George, George Lindsay, George Stanford Brown.
       G 	      C 	                             D G
George Lucus, George McCrane, George Shultz, George Mican, Gorgeous George, Gorgeous George Jr.

(stop)            G              C          D     (stop)
Everybody, George Orwell, George Wimp, Newt Gingrich.
       G 	     C               D        (stop)
George Gomo, George Michael, George Foreman, Chuck George a guy I used to go to high school with.

       G 	     C                 D    
George Town, George Namesmith, George Wills, George McGomery, George Steinbrenner, Georgy Fame, 
George from Mice And Men, George Allan, George Ruckers, George Gip “the Gipper”,
                                              (stop)  G
George Gershwich, George Gergin, “Machine Gun” Kelly his name was George.

       G               C               D
George Harious, George Kennedy, George Brett, George Mitchel, George Snuffalufagus, Chief Dan George, 
George London, George Pluntin, George McGuinous, George Ruggerquar, George Menardshow,
 	  	  	  	                 (stop)  D
George Severt, Eddie George, George “the Animal” Steele, and for all you party animals George Dickel.
And George Is On My Mind.

Im really sorry how bad this looks i tryed my best.
I anyone knows how to make Windows Word look better,
Also I know a few names are spelt wrong, I couldnt find the 
Please let me know with corrections.


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