Jesse Winchester, Payday Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jesse Winchester, Payday Tabs, Chords

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Jesse Winchester - Payday (Chords)

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LICK: r 8 8 8 4 4 | 4 8 8 4 8 8 | verse
        e g e g e   c a g e d c   a

A                   /
Letís go out on the town tonite
   D                      A
My pockets are heavy with loot
/                   /
  And get drunk and nasty
    B                       E
And loud and aggressive, to boot
A                     /
Iíve been liviní from hand to mouth
         D                     A
For what must be three or four weeks
/                 /
And I can tell you one thing Jack
    E                        A      /
You listen when your stomach speaks

D      /                       A           /
I feel good tonite just like I knew that I would
    /                     /                 E     /
And all on account of the wine that I bot today
        A          /          D                        A
And Iím smiliní so sweet, for evíry little girl that I meet
         /                          E                 A   /
And some fools try to tell ya itís a sin to feel this way
        D                     /                   A    /
Yeah it feels so funny haviní all of this money today
/ e g     e g    e    |c  a    g   e    d|a A |A |
  I think I feel like  danciní the nite a-way

D7 |/ |/ |/ |G7 |G7 |G7 |E7 [half-note triplets] | A [intro]

I got me this long legged girl
To help me spend my dough
A heart as big as your mamaís stove
And a body like Bridget Bardot
Iím all ready for some rock ní roll
With the guitar up real loud
And some fancy foot-work
In a low-down boozed up crowd

/ e g     e g    e    |c  a    g   e    d|a A |A |
  I think I feel like  danciní the nite a-way
/ e g     e g    e    |c  a    g   e    d|a A |A |
  I think I feel like  danciní the nite a-way

[Thanks to Otto for tabs]

Winchester Jesse Tabs & Chords

Winchester Jesse Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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