Mac Wiseman, On Susans Floor Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Mac Wiseman, On Susans Floor Tabs, Chords

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Mac Wiseman - On Susans Floor (Chords)

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                                          -- Mac Wiseman --
(C) Didn't feel so cold and tired,stretched out before her fire,
      Rollin' smokes and drinkin' up her (G7) wine;
      And I re-(C)-member (F) candle-(C-light and singin' songs,
      Till we could sing no (G7) more,
      Then fallin' fast asleep on Susan's (C) floor.

      Now that my (F) song is (C) sweeter,
      Lord I'd (F) like (C) to greet her;
      To thank her for the favor (F) that (C) she (G7) gave,
      A (F) stranger I (C) came, my head bowed in the rain (F) to (C) her
(G7) door.
      I sat and sang my songs on Susan's (C) floor.
      In the morn-(F)-ing I'd go (C) on leaving (F) Susan and my (C) songs,
      Knowing I'd be back in just a (G7) while,
      Healing in the sunshine of her (C) smile.

      Well, lots of (F) time and (C) songs have passed,
       I catch my-(F)-self just (C) looking back;
       Reliving all the wonder of those (G7) nights;
       That's (F) where I would (C) be to-day,
       If I had only stayed (F) one (C) night (G7) more,
       And sang another song on Susan's (C) floor.
       Like (F) crippled ships that (C) make it through a storm,
       And finally reach a quiet (G7) shore,
       The hopeless found a home on Susan's (C) floor.

Wiseman Mac Tabs & Chords

Wiseman Mac Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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