Jim Witter, Jumpin Right In Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jim Witter, Jumpin Right In Tabs, Chords

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Jim Witter - Jumpin Right In (Chords)

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G                     C           
down by the river its where we would go
G                      C
to dive from the train bridge to the water below
G               EM                 D 
boy its was scary but oh what a thrill
G                            C
well its seems like lifetime since i've felt so much
G                             C
then you came along then with one little touch
G                     EM                        D
you took me back now i'm standin on those tracks again

 G                               D
jumpin right in with both eyes closed
          EM                       C
where i'm at man only god really knows
G                           EM
i'm thrown in my heart i'm thrown in my soul
C                       D
no time to count here i go
G                          D
i'm not holdin on i'm not lookin back
EM                                    C
just like i did on that old rail road track
G                              EM                             D
my hearts beating fast cause i'm going somewhere i've never been
and i'm jumpin right in

G                             C
up on that bridge i remember those days
G                              C
i'd stand there for hours then my friends would say
G                 EM               D
jimmy just let go you gotta have faith
G                                C
well i'd say a prayer and lord how id fly
G                                 C
now i get that feeling when i look in your eyes
G                   EM                D
theres no longer a doubt i found out where i should be




yes i'm jumpin right in



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