Bob Woodruff, Alright Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Bob Woodruff, Alright Tabs, Chords

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Bob Woodruff - Alright (Chords)

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written by:  Bob Woodruff
performed by:Bob Woodruff on "Dreams and Saturday Nights"

            A  E            D  E
1.I need a job I need a vacation
               A  E            D    E
  I need some money I got bills to pay
                A  E   D        E
  But I won't whine no I won't worry
  A            E             D         E
  I won't give up because I got you baby

  AE  D    E                 A   E
C.Oh, when everything goes wrong
       D         E
  You make it alright
  AE  D    E                 A   E
  Oh, when everything goes wrong
       D         E
  You make it alright

2.I had a car, I had investments
  My car blew up, my stocks are way, way down
  That's OK, I'll ride the subway
  I'm never poor because you're still around

Repeat Chorus

B.When I'm down
  Girl you lift me up every night
  Oh when I touch you
  I get high

Repeat 1st verse

Repeat Chorus

Woodruff Bob Tabs & Chords

Woodruff Bob Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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