Bob Woodruff, Year We Tried To Kill Pain Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Bob Woodruff, Year We Tried To Kill Pain Tabs, Chords

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Bob Woodruff - Year We Tried To Kill Pain (Chords)

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written by:  Bob Woodruff
performed by:Bob Woodruff on "Dreams and Saturday Nights"

   G                    C
1.Baby, do you still remember
       G                         D
  The year we tried to kill the pain
        G                       C
  With sex and drugs and bad intentions
    G                            D
  Staying up 'till the break of day

2.The road trip down to Oklahoma
  The night we tried to steal a train
  The day I walked in on you and Cody 
  I know you both felt so ashamed

   G                   C
C.I'm gonna take this burning heart
    D               G
  Stick it in the ground
   G                  C
  Put me out of your misery
    D              G
  Where I almost drowned
            C             D
  I was on fire I needed you 
                C       D        G
  The year we tried to kill the pain

3.The Southern nights so warm and tender
  The sun that burned your skin so brown
  The blood red earth those good bartenders
  A good saloon in every town

4.The day we rolled right into Memphis
  With only thirteen dollars cash
  That night we climbed the wall to Graceland
  We made love there on the grass

Repeat Chorus

5.Fare thee well my fallen angel
  We may never meet again
  I wouldn't trade ten years in heaven
  For the year we tried to kill the pain

Repeat Chorus

Woodruff Bob Tabs & Chords

Woodruff Bob Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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