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Wouldn't You Do This For Me? lyrics - Billy Ray Cyrus

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He's halfin' his sandwich, his chips and Baby Ruth
Puttin' them back in a sack his mama packed
With a sticker that say's ‘Jesus Loves You’
He's jumpin off the bus, runnin' in the house
Talkin' to mom about his day
Hidin' that paper sack in a baseball glove
Ridin' his bike straight to the freeway
Where there's an old man with a shoppin' cart
With a dirty face and a purple heart
Who's sayin' son you'll never know how much this means

Boy say's
Wouldn't you do this for me
If I were reachin' out to you
Wouldn't you give me food to eat if I were hungry to
Wouldn't you do this for me

Tonight, that little boy's dad is flyin' down the freeway
It's pourin' rain as he leaves the road
He's rolling down that concrete bank
Through the flames and the broken glass
An old man takes his hand
Finds a cell phone on the backseat
He's sayin' get here fast as you can
Now the bum that lives beneath the bridge
Pulls him safely from that flooding ditch
Man asked why'd you risk your life to save mine

He said
Wouldn't you do this for me
If I were reachin' out to you
Wouldn't you try to save my life, if I needed you to
Wouldn't you do this for me

Now he's layin' in that hospital bed prayin' a silent prayer
And he can't help but ask him,
Lord, did you put that beggar there
As a nurse pulls back the curtains
All he can see is a billboard sign
A sixty foot Jesus hangin' on the cross
At the bottom, just one line

Wouldn't you do this for me
Wouldn't you do this for me
Wouldn't you

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