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After the Storm lyrics - The Flatlanders

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I walked out on the levee to watch the river and feel the rain
To see if there was something I could find
I wouldn't be here now but I sort of missed the train
The way I miss the one I left behind

Circles of the past fade away so fast
While they spin and turn you live and learn
I heard you when you were leaving,
it was just a quick goodbye
I didn't even wonder for how long
The paddle wheels are turning,
the steamboat whistles cry
I wonder now if I'm the one who's gone

If I’d taken that job in Santa Fe
I never would have lost what I lost today
I’d go somewhere if I had somewhere to go

You’re in Baton Rouge I bet, or maybe Lafayette
Houston, San Antone, it's all the same
Some things I just don’t get,
I’m not hearing from you yet
Still waiting for the help that never came

I’ll walk out on the highway and see what I can find
Maybe nothing more than just a ride
They say the storm is over but they don’t know my mind
Is there even any reason left to hide?

Circles of the past fade away so fast
While they spin and turn you live and learn
Time is to the game like fire is to the flame
There's nothing more to learn
Just let it burn

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