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Momma's On a Roll - Lee Ann Womack lyrics - Various Artists

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Daddy loves Momma like spreading on molasses thick
Momma thinks Daddys just a backwoods, cornbread hick
Mama plus Daddy equals trouble when they start to drink
Me and my sister pouring liquor down the kitchen sink
Mama's on a roll
Daddy's looking old
Mama's on kick
Daddy's looking sick
Daddy goes fishing and he takes me with him now and then
He likes to wake me up early with a camel and a po'boy grin
Me and my sister taking Mama's running way too hot
Cursing out daddy in the middle of a parking lot
Mama's on a roll
Daddy's looking old
Mama's on a binge
Daddy's on the fringe
It's the same old song, same old story
Waking up the neighbors in a blaze of glory
Shootin' out the window with a pistol she can hardly hold
You can see it comin', like a blazing star
Mama's burnin' rubber in a wore out car
Watchin Daddy drownin' with the ?dark knight? in his soul
I love my Daddy, Lord knows that he ain't no saint
Drunk callin' Mama from the beer joint sayin' he ain't
When Mama left Daddy he flat the refuse to sleep
Me and my sister watchin' him starin' the TV deep
Mama's on a roll (mama's on a roll)
Mama's on a roll (daddy's looking old)
Daddy's looking old (mama's on a roll)
And Mama's on a roll

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