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Owen - Martin Delray lyrics - Various Artists

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The town knew Owen as a loner, a man who always stayed to himself
If he had any deep dark secrets Owen never asked no one for help
He just went about his business, never spoke unless he was spoken to
Marching to a different drummer just a little out of step with me and you

As the years rolled slowly by like a horse drawn hearse headed for the grave
Owen showed up every week at church but no one ever heard Owen pray
He'd just listen as the children sang how Jesus loves each of us one and all
Then he'd slip out the side door Owen never stayed around for alter call

(Some thought) Owen had a dark side no doubt
If he did he fought his demons Owen never let 'em out
He'd sing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know"
Owen let Jesus take control

It's on the T.V. and & the Radio the whole world's upside down & come undone
There's some crazy fool down at the school he's got our kids & he's got a loaded gun

The schoolyard filled with cars and people we we're bound together by our fear
Then Owen stepped out of the crowd and said stand back folks I'll take it from here
With death hangin in the air we placed those children's fate in God and Owen's hands
Then Owen started singing and did something that we still don't understand

He walked empty hands outstreatched singing Jesus Loves Me This I Know
Shots rang from the schoolhouse Owen headed up the driveway with one goal
Some bullets missed some found their mark then silence when the last round was spent
We stormed the school right past that sacred spot where the hero met his end

Did Owen have a dark side I've got doubts
That day at the schoolhouse a hero step out of the crowd
Singing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know"
Owen let Jesus take control

[Thanks to Stephen for lyrics]

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