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Stirrin' It Up lyrics - Hank Williams Jr

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All the talk shows, you know, geniouses and experts
Looking to lay some blame
Some on the left and some on the right
Playing that controversy game
I'm not in a real cheery mood so I think I'll call them up
And them em, why don't you play some blues
And both sides shut up

But do we just love trouble
Ain't the world got enough
Without y'all stirrin it up

I am from the old school
Cowboy hat, sure enough
Too damn old to change horses now
Cause I would probably fall off
I'm a little whiskey bent and slowed my roll
And if you ain't real sure about me
Why don't you take it up with Gretchen and Tim
Rockin Shawn Hannity

But you just love trouble
Ain't the world got enough
Without y'all stirrin it up

Back off

So some celeb has teed y'all off
Well, I get teed off too
Why didn't you know that you're supposed
To except our point of view
I have learned at the school of hard knocks
Things change quite a bit
Folks get all jacked up
I don't really give a ... darn

I got a little child and a fishing pole
A can of worms and a boat
I'm goin down to the river now
And let all my problems float
Yeah, I've mellowed a lot
And I don't jump into things like I used to
Hey, what'd you say
Why, you son of a gun
Now see what you made me do

I don't want no trouble
Ain't the world got enough
Without y'all stirrin it up

Stirrin it up

Let the pot simmer (stirrin it up)
Let the dust settle (stirrin it up)
Let's try and get along
And it'll be more better
(Stirrin it, stirrin it, stirrin it up)
(Stirrin it up) sick em, Rush
(Stirrin it up) jump in there, Bill
Stir it up, Shawn
(Stirrin it up)
(Stirrin it up)

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