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Father's Eyes chords - Amy Grant

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Amy Grant Sheet music
D 	                      A
I may not be every mother's dream for her little girl
D 	  	  	  	  	 A 	  	  	 D
And my face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world
         G            A                   D                   G
But that's alright as long as I can have one wish I pray...
                     F#/D                    G           A
When people look inside my life, I want to hear them say...
            D                 C#/A
She has her Father's eyes, her Father's eyes
G                  F#/D
Eyes that find the good in things
      G           F#/D
When good is not around
     G                  F#/D
And eyes that find the source of help
Em                       A
When help just can't be found
       G           F#/D      G            F#/D
And eyes full of compassion, seeing every pain
G                    F#/D               Em              A
Knowin' what you're going through , and feeling it the same
(nc)                D
Just like my Father's eyes
My Father's eyes
My Father's eyes
             F#?                 G
my Father's eyes---eyes, eyes, eyes
          A                 D
You know its just like my Fathers eyes

And on that day when we will pay for all the deeds we have done
Good and bad well they'll all be had to see by evry one
And when they're called to send and tell just what they saw
in you and me what more than anything I know
I want their words to be...

We had her Father's eyes, our Father's eyes
Eyes that find the good in things
When good is not around
And eyes that find the source of help
When help would not be found
Eyes full of compassion, seeing every pain
Knowin what you're going through, and feelin' it--the same
Just like our Father's eyes
Our Father's eyes
Our Father's eyes---eyes, eyes, eyes..

This isn't exactly how she plays it, it's a bit simpler but still sounds alright 

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