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Chasin' Girls chords - Rodney Atkins

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                Chasin' Girls
Written by Rodney Atkins, Ted Hewitt & Steve Dean
Recorded by Rodney Atkins

Intro.:  |(D)  | (A)  | (G)  | (G)  |

(D) It started out (A) summer fun, (G)chasin' Allie Brook with a water gun
(D) She'd laugh (A) and she'd scream, she'd (G)run and say "you can't catch me"
(D) Well, time passed I (A)turned sixteen, (G)cruisin' from the Sonic to the Dairy Queen
(D) Runnin' the (A)roads we ruled like (G)Kings
We'd say "hey, (A)here comes Allie with her hot (G)friends, (A)got water balloons in their (G)hands
(A) Oh man they got me now let's get (G)them"  (A)

Chasin' (D)girls, what a (A)life, man I (G)love them can't get (A)enough of them
(D) From their (A)toes up to their (G)curls  (A)
Chasin' (D)girls, hard to (A)catch, sweet to (G)hold, even (A)tougher to let them (Bm)go
Ain't nothing (F#)like it in the whole wide (G)world, (A) chasin' (D)girls | (D)  | (G)  | (G)  |

(D) Caught Allie Brook (A) and that was that, bought a (G)bungalow on a culdesac, (A)yeah
(D) Settled in (A) and I knew my (G)girl chasin' days were through
(A)Until (D) she handed me the (A)EPT I said (G)tell me what this blue strip means, aw!
(A)That was then and now our twins are (G)three
And (Bm)it's (A) "who left the popsicle on the couch, (G) (A) don't let that dog lick you in the mouth"
(G) (A) Up and down all around this house I'm right (G)back to where I (A)started out

Chasin' (D)girls, what a (A)life, man I (G)love them can't get (A)enough of them
(D) From their (A)toes up to their (G)curls  (A)
Chasin' (D)girls, hard to (A)catch, sweet to (G)hold, even (A)tougher to let them (Bm)go
Ain't nothing (F#)like it in the whole wide (G)world, (A) chasin' (D)girls

Last (G)night I had a nightmare, the (F#)future was now here
My little (F)girls were in their teens and then these (A)teenage boys appeared
Oh no, yeah

Chasin' (D)girls, hard to catch, (A) sweet to (G)hold, even (A)tougher to let them (Bm)go
Ain't nothing (F#)like it in the whole wide (G)world  (A)
Chasin' (D)girls, oo-(A)oo-(G)ooh
Chasin' (D)girls, oh-(A)oh-(G)ooh  (D)

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