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Livin Part of Life (Acoustic drop D) chords - Eric Church

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                When Eric plays this acoustic, he plays it in drop D

For an easy version of the song, you can play the chords like this

(this may not be the real name of the chords but for simplicity i will call them this)

    G       A      D     F#       F#       Bm


the intro is like this

|---------------------------------------------|   |-----------------------------------------------------|
|---------------------------------------------|   |-----------------------------------------------------|
|---------------------------------------------|   |-----------------------------------------------------|
|--------0-2/4--2/4--2--0--------2/4---|   |--------0-2/4--2/4--2--0--------2 0--------0--|
|--0 2------------------------2--0---------|   |--0 2------------------------2--0------2  0------|
|---------------------------------------------|   |-----------------------------------------------------|

  G       A          D 
I woke up early this mornin'
        G       A       D
and I'm already runnin' late
          G       A         Bm         A     G                A  
There's a list of things as long as my arm I won't get done today
      Em             __F#             G                 Em/F#
Is it Tuesday? Is it Wednesday? They're runnin' into each other.
         Em                F#                      G         F#     G         A                         
Somebody tell me when it's my day, man, this life can sure be a mother

     D                  A             G         A
So tomorrow I'm taking me fishin'
           D               A      G         A
Hang a sign on the door of my life
           D                A            G           A   Em                   A
Tell the world that I've gone missin and I wont be back for a while
       D           A      G         A
I'm so tired of only wishin
        D                   A        G
I could leave my troubles behind
           Em                        F#                                       G
I wanna be front porch rockin with a big sun droppin' in a blue sky
    F#                    G           A                  D 
Kick back and get high on the livin part of life

They say to keep your spot on the ladder
And keep that money rollin in
The say keepin up with the Feeley's, boy, you cant back off one inch
Well I been puttin in, my time and I've built up a pretty good debt
I'm gonna spend some, maybe waste some, before my time comes and I wind up dead, yeah


Instrumental break

           Em                         F#                             G               D
When I get home tonight, I'll open the window and let whatever roll in
        Em                                 F#
Well if there's no breeze, That's cool with me
Ill just raise my sail
       F#            Em     A  
And wait on the wind yeah


[Thanks to David Gillespie for tabs]

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