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The Truck Got Stuck tabs - Corb Lund Band

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                The Truck Got Stuck
The intro really is easier to play than to tab, but this gets you the basic picking pattern 
which I'm sure you'll get the hang of after a couple 

tries. Can't wait till the new CD comes out in September!
 	  	 Quick   Quick    Quick
                D U     D U 	  D U
|----0----------0-0-----2-2- 0h2-2-2-----0--0-0-0-0------------------

G                          C
The Chev got stuck and the Ford got stuck
        D                     G
got the Chev unstuck when the Dodge showed up
        G                       A7                
But the Dodge got stuck in the tractor rut witch eventually
Pulled out the Ford.

more rain than we'd seen for a thousand years
caused financial joys and biblical fears
it caused some smiles, it caused some tears
but more to the point of our story
for the first time in the collective memory that old brown prairie 
that had been so dry for so long was very muddy, boggy, sticky

well we'd pull one truck out get another stuck in
motors would roar, tires would spin
we'd sink right down, down to the diff
we'd all take turns and then do it again
till no one could move then call one more friend
come on out here, we need ya, bring your truck. 

got me stuck in the mud so's i couldn't rehearse
and chavez too has missed his work
richie, he now fears the worst
stood up his ex-wife, she called him a jerk
of course, holtman didn't have nothin better to do, except ranch

it was truck after truck, we all got stuck, 
except the big old four-by-four hutterite truck
we all thought 'lord are we in luck!'
but he wouldn't come anywhere near us, mighty neighborly

well we used a lot of our backs and a little of our brains
we jacked up the jacks and snugged up the chains
and we all did our very best to refrain from shovellin
we put what timber we had underneath the wheels
and we was all out of sand but managed to steal
two sacks of the best modern canola seed you ever did see 
that oughta give us some traction

we spilled genetically modified canola seed
that was genetically modified for control of the weeds
and for big old yields of margarine oil
we raised hell all over that virgin prairie soil
agriculture canada is definitely gonna be lookin for us


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Corb Lund Band
Buy Corb Lund Band CD

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