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Neon Of Nashville chords - The Flatlanders

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                The Flatlanders - Neon Of Nashville

She was raised on a river
       A                 G#m         F#m        
By the chapel where the chruch bells peal
between a line of peach trees
      A     G#m     F#m
and a brown tobacco field
Her eyes shown turquois
        A          G#m   F#m
And her hair was a water fall
and everyone from miles around 
swore that she'd go far

 A               B7        E   
They sing of her beauty in georgia
A           B7      E
And on the carolna coast
A           B7          E
Down in the neon of nashville
F#m                                             B7            A     E
They almost seem to sing of her like she was a ghost

The city lights lured her
and the glitter of the silver stage
Her beauty was so astounding
And it made her too easily made
High society dragged her down
where the loneliness was to much to bear
she faded from the lime light
And noone knew just where


Someone said they saw her
Years later at the bottom of main
A fifth of whiskey in her hand
Codine in her brain
When they hummed her song about the peach trees
And a brown tobacco field
her eyes grew distant she whispered
There's the chapel where the church bells peal 

The Flatlanders ChordsThe Flatlanders Lyrics

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Buy Flatlanders CD

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