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Little King chords - Robbie Fulks

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                Little King
By Robbie Fulks

            G              D           G    
Well it's a vile world but that's all right
Em          F      C       G
Long as the little king's alive
             D        G     
In a day of shifting styles
Em   D           C      G
His damage will last awhile
Dizzy in a fever of muscle and chrome
This jerkwater town burned like Rome
Truckled to the torch of one savage kid
C                   D 
That's how to rule, that's how to live

G           D       C       D     
When you're old and not so clever
 G           D             C      D 
When you're dragging your ghost around
G            D          C      D   
These wild years won't last forever
 G    Em      D           G 
This kingdom comes right down!
Little King had a Midas hand
Anything he touched turned yellow and ran
Rebel boys, half-witted and brave
Felt lucky to follow and slave
And from the back of his eyes, some demon sprung
Made young men wanna touch bottles and guns
Make Pleistocene creatures of Mom and Dad
Twice more kick than your real kings had
It's a vile world, but that's O.K.
That's where the smart bucks are today
Tortoise shells and a wedding ring
So much for the "little king."
But, see that hilltop, gutted and bare
15 years back a King walked there
Now some half-wit hellspawn's gonna take his turn
That's how to crash, that's how to burn 

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