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Saving Amy chords - Brantley Gilbert

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                I went to see Brantley Gilbert play at the Rialto Room in Athens and I watched him play this song and he uses some made up
chord that I couldn't figure out how to do it.  After playing around this and trying to get the timing right, this is what I
came up with and I think it sounds pretty good

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: Em7, D/F#, Em7, Cadd9 (2x)

Verse 1:
Amy's got the (Em7) letters I wrote
My (D/F#) picture in a frame
She's had a (Em7) year to let go
(Cadd9) She's still wearin my ring
It (Em7) hasn't left her finger
Since the (D/F#) night that I proposed
God I (Em7) promised her forever
(Cadd9) Before I took her home (D/F#)
But I never made it (Em7) home that night
A (D/F#) part of her died too
I've watched her (Em7) losin her mind
And there's (Cadd9) nothin I can do
(Em7) Sometimes she goes crazy
(D/F#) Screamin out my name
Sayin' (Em7) "baby please come save me"
I wish she knew (Cadd9) I'd do anything

(Em7) To kiss the tears right off her face
(D/F#) Tell her everythings ok
(Em7) Feel her heart beat next to mine
(Cadd9) And make up for lost time
(Em7) Oh but God I know I can't
(D/F#) But you can't let her live this way
(Em7) It's too late for saving me
(Cadd9) But there's still hope for saving amy

Verse 2:
And now 3 (Em7) years have gone by
(D/F#) She's finally livin life
And I still (Em7) watch her sometimes
Just to (Cadd9) make sure she's alright
(Em7) She knows I'll always be there
In her (D/F#) heart and in her dreams
Cuz God I (Em7) promised her forever
And (Cadd9) that's one promise, I intend to keep

Chorus again

Intrumental is intro twice

Last chorus:
(Em7) I'll kiss the tears right off her face
(D/F#) When I walk her through these gates
(Em7) Feel her heart beat next to mine
(Cadd9) And make up for lost time
(Em7) God I thank you everyday
(D/F#) For givin her that ounce of faith
(Em7) That led her right back her to me
(Cadd9) Most of all for saving amy

The last part of the song is Brantley playing the intro over and over and singing lines like "saving amy" and "thank you God
for saving amy"

[Thanks to Jordan for tabs]

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