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That Was Us tabs - Brantley Gilbert

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                The progression is the same E,B, C#m, A chords throughout. I will try to go back and fill in the chords throughout the whole song when I get a minute.

Capo 1

Got my mail today,
This economy sucks,
A bunch of bills I can't pay,
I guess they're s**t outta luck.
But there was one from an old friend,
Brought back memories
Black and white from way back when
A                       B
It was hard to believe that was us.

That was us riding' dirt roads,
Shooting buckshot at signs,
Drinking beer we just stole,
Passing jugs full of shine,
E                  B
Even the girls were on of the boys
Singing' old country gold
Till we all lost our voice,
That was us.

Every once an a while, we'll catch a game or a race,
But catching up on old times turns into hell that we raised,
We'll start re-telling stories, and lies we've rehearsed,
About the girls we made out with,
And how badass we were,
That was us.

That was us down in Panama, cruising the strip,
In the bed of my truck tossing beads and talking s**t.
Shotgunnin' beer, playing pong and flip cup,
We never lost senior year, we tore them sumb***hes up,
That was us.
That was us.

Man we'll always remember those of us that we miss,
We'll always be brothers and we'll never forget,
That that was us that we carried with tears in our eyes,
When the rest of us are buried we're throwing down in the sky,
So raise a glass to the memories,
That won't ever die,
Here's to friends, here's to family
And one hell of a time.

Yeah, here's to us.
Here's to us!
Here's to us!
Yeah, here's to us. 

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