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Texas Kinda Way chords - Cody Johnson

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                Intro.:  | (Em) | (Em) | (D) | (D) | (C) | (C) | (Em) | (D)

Colorado's too (Em) cold, snow gets the best of (G) me
Just layin' there beside the (C)fire place, looks like where you ought to (D)be
Oklahoma's too (Em)rich, with American histo-(G)ry
Kinda funny how it re-(C)minds me of all those books you used to (D)read

And if stay gone much (C)longer, (D) I might really go in-(Em)sane
'Cause no matter where I (Am)go, I'll just (Bm)be (C)missin' you in a (D)Texas kinda (G)way

And I keep seein' you in (Em)Hous-(C)ton, down in Matagorda (G)Bay
Up on 6th Street in Aus-(Am)tin (Bm) (C) at the rodeo in Santa (D)Fe
Might as well just lock me up in (Em)Hunts-(C)ville, if your memory's here to (Em) stay
'Cause no matter where I (Am)go, I'll just (Bm)be (C)missin' you in a (D)Texas kinda (G)way

New York's got all them (Em) lights its the city that never (G) sleeps
Detroit could sure build me a (C)fast car to try and outrun your memo-(D)ry
Montana skies go on for (Em)miles like the love you said you had for (G) me
But if I keep writin' all these (C) sad songs, might as well just be in Tennes-(D)see

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (Em) | (Em) | (D) | (D) | (C) | (C) | (Em) | (D)

Repeat Chorus

Ah, no matter where I (Am)go, I'll just (Bm)be (C)missin' you in a (D)Texas kinda (G)way

Outro.:  | (Em) | (Em) | (D) | (D) | (C) | (C) | (Em) -----

Cody Johnson ChordsCody Johnson Lyrics

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