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Nobodys Perfect chords - Jim Lauderdale

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Jim Lauderdale     Nobody's Perfect    by Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale   vocals/acoustic guitar
Larry Knechtel   keyboards    
Vince Santoro    drums
Garry Tallent    bass
Dan Dugmore      steel guitar/guitar  

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D         Em    G          D


         Em        D           Em            D
Well you got to be careful and might need to be
Gmaj7          F#m        Asus          D                        
Your heart was ready and stolen by thieves
Gmaj7          F#m             Asus      D      
Then comes the searching that takes you away
Gmaj7       F#m        Asus
One time too many but those are the breaks
D        Em       G          D
Nobody's perfect haven't you heard that
D          Em        G          D
So much to learn yet so much to change
           F#m         A       D
And you're looking for fate to come to the table
           F#m        A    G    F#m  Em       D
And you're playing it safe till it's meant to be

D Em G  D   D  Em  G   D

       Em            D         Em            D
Well I thought I was ready for some kind of move
Gmaj7   F#m            A         D
So many things that I wanted to prove
Gmaj7          F#m         Asus         D
You heard your calling and went out to see
Gmaj7           F#m             Asus
Why some  throw away what some others still need
D        Em       G          D
Nobody's perfect haven't I   heard that
D          Em        G          D
So much to learn yet so much to change
F#m         A       D
Looking for fate to come to the table
F#m        A    G  F#m  Em
Playing it safe knowing that
D        Em       G          D
Nobody's perfect haven't you heard that
D          Em        G          D
So much to learn yet so much to change
       F#m         A   D
And we looked for fate coming up to the table
       F#m       A          G    F#m   Em D 
And we played it safe cause it's meant to be


>From Jim Lauderdale  "Persimmons"
Upstart Records 1996
Mighty Nice Music/Laudersongs(BMI)

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