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Understanding chords - Jim Lauderdale

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Jim Lauderdale     Understanding  written by Jim Lauderdale
                                             Aimee Mayo 

Eb  Db  Ab

Ab               Fm
When you heal me with your eyes
Db         Eb                 Fm        Db
Every tear I've ever cried is justified
Ab              Fm
It's all coming into view
Db            Eb                Fm                Db
Every journey I've been through was to get to you
Ab           Db
Understanding everything
Ab                Db
It's like a dream inside a dream
Ab            Db
Loving you is what life means
Eb                Db         Eb            Ab    
I'm understanding everything understanding everything 
Ab              Fm
What was once a mystery
Db          Eb             Fm          Db
Up till now suddenly makes sense to me
    Ab            Db
I'm understanding everything
Ab                Db
It's like a dream within a dream
Ab            Db
Loving you is what life means
    Eb            Db             Eb            Ab          Fm 
I'm understanding everything I'm understanding everything 


Ab           Db
Understanding everything
Ab                Db
It's like a dream inside a dream
Ab            Db
Loving you is what life means
Eb                Db         Eb            Db    
I'm understanding everything understanding everything 
Eb            Db
Loving you is what life means
Eb               Ab          Fm   Ab
I'm understanding everything 

>From Jim Lauderdale "Onward Through It All"
RCA Records 1999
Mighty Nice Music(BMI)
Careers BMG BMG(BMI)

Pat Buchanan       guitar
Daryl Burgess      drums
Billy Livey        piano
Pat McGrath        acoustic guitar
Gary Tallent       bass
Robby Turner       steel guitar

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