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Robert Tatum chords - Matt Stell and the Crashers

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                Intro: Em/G

G                              Cadd9
Well my names Robert tatum but most call me 
G                                Cadd9
tate, and ive been near everywear in this 
G       D
state, runnin the lines climbing towers and 
Em/G   G                          Cadd9
such, I saved all my money cause i didnt need
G      G                    Cadd9   G
much, my daddies farm it was in my blood
G                        Cadd9     G
I learned from him and it made me tough
D                                Em/G
He passed on but the whole place lives
G                              Cadd9
We raise a thousand horses and three good 

The farm and the company filled my days
The work was hard but i found a way
To support my wife and family
It was a pretty good life folks like me
Cadd9                               G
a pretty good life for folks like me

Well I turned 55 five years ago
and my age it was starting to show
I had plans to retire in may
and live off the money that I put away
but a man in a suit shook another mans hands
for reasons i cant understand
bout chapter 11 that sent us home in shock
with two months severance in worthless stock

The paper said that the man in the suit
got 10 million dollars and a pension to boot
apologizin from his house on the sea
it made no sense to folks like me
no sense at all to folks like me

I got on working for the law
Raising horses for cops for crowd control
It helps them keep us safe i guess
As long as the cooks not nicely dressed

Instrumental break:
G  Em/G  Cadd9

Not what i had planned for my retierment days
im an old man with a mortgage to pay
my wrinkles getting deeper and my muscles burn, 
While another mans rich off the money i earned,
If I ever meet the man that stole from me
I'll look in his eyes and i'll grit my teeth
I'll say my names robert tatum but most call me tate,
and you'll pay dearly for the choices you've made,

Live in the land of milk and honey
Least thats what i hear every sunday
but they took my cows when they took my ????
cause they aint talkin to folks like me
no they aint talkin to folks like me

[Thanks to phillip for tabs]

Matt Stell and the Crashers ChordsMatt Stell and the Crashers Lyrics

Matt Stell and the Crashers Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Matt Stell and the Crashers
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  1. Matt Stell and the Crashers - Robert Tatum Chords

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