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Face Of Appalachia chords - Julie Miller

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Julie Miller     Face Of Appalachia    written by Lowell George
                                                  John Sebastian

Julie Miller           vocals
Buddy Miller           guitar/vocals
Donald Lindley         drums
Allison Prestwood      bass
Tammy Rogers           fiddle/mandolin
Larry Campbell         banjo

B                       G#m              A   E      B
Being born in blocks of buildings with a subway lullabye
B                 G#m               A      E           B
When I dreamed of Appalachia it was dreams that had to die
     G#m                   B               G#m          B
Coal trains wailing banjos frailing sounds escaping the night
       A    E         B
Oh the face of Appalachia
                   A    E               B
Was there in that  cold gray apartment light
         A    E               B
In that  cold gray apartment light
Oh I would fashion
    G#m               A     E      B 
I'd imagine somewhere steep with   waterfall
B                    G#m
Wild birds sing to a five string 
         A     E                 B 
Bouncing music off the mountains walls
     G#m                   B
Coal trains wailing banjos Frailing 
      G#m                B
Sounds escaping thru the door
       A    E       B              A       E          B
Oh the face of Appalachia she was changing that's for sure
        A        E          B
She was changing that's for sure


B                       G#m
Grandpa made me quite a promise
        A   E         B 
For the day I came of age 
B                         G#m
He said he'd walk through Appalachia
         A       E     B
Northern Georgia up to Maine
         G#m      B
Dreadful sorry my beloved
       G#m                  B
Such a promise he could not keep
       A      E        B
All my dreams of Appalachia
             A   E    B
Were just an old man's memory
             A   E    B
Were just an old man's memory

Julie Miller "Blue Pony"
Hightone Records 1997

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