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Two Soldiers chords - Julie Miller

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Julie Miller         Two Soldiers  arranged by Julie & Buddy Miller
Julie Miller      vocals/acoustic guitar
Emmylou Harris    vocals
Buddy Miller      guitar
Brady Blades      drums
Joey Spampinato   bass
Phil Madeira      accordion
Ed Forte          hurdy gurdy
Steve Hindalong   percussion

C  F   C

C       G               F
He was just a blue-eyed Boston boy
His voice was low with pain
     G               F
I'll do your bidding comrade mine
If I ride back again
    G                    C
But if you ride back and I am left
You'll do as much for me
           C         F
Mother you know must hear the news
                    C    G C  F C  
So write to her tenderly
      G                      F
She's waiting at home like a patient saint
Her fond face pale with woe
    G                    F
Her heart will be broken when I am gone
I'll see her soon I know
     G              C
Just then the order came to charge
For an instance hand touched hand
G                 F
They said aye and away they rode
                       C   G  C  F  C  G  C  F  C   
That brave and devoted band
         G                    F  
Straight was the track to the top of the hill
The rebels they shot and shelled
       G          C
Plowed furrows of death
Through the toiling ranks
And guarded them as they fell
G                          C
There soon came a horrible dying yell
>From heights that they could not gain
              C         F
And those who doom and death had spared
                 C    G  C  F  C   G  C  F C
Rode slowly back again
    G                        F
But among the dead that were left on the hill
Was the boy with the curly hair
    G                 F
The tall dark man who rode by his side
Lay dead beside him there
        G                      C
There's no one to write to the blue-eyed girl
The words that her lover had said
          C     F
Momma you know awaits the news
F                         C
And she'll only know he's dead

>From Julie Miller "Broken Things"
Hightone Records 1999

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