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Never Far Away chords - Tammy Rogers

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Tammy Rogers Sheet music
Tammy Rogers    Never Far Away   written by Tammy Rogers

A               D
It's noisy here by the street
E                        A
The bed is lumpy and the bathtub leaks
  F#m                D            A   E
I arrived just yesterday in this town
A                    D
Thinking that maybe  I'll go for a walk
E              A
Find a pub and make  small talk
   F#m               D               E    A
As long as  I'm here I might as well look around
E                         D
Taking in a little of the local scene
A                     E
I find myself down on Grafton street
E                    D
Look in every window as I pass by
A                  E
Every time I see a tear in my eye
          D          A   Bm            A
It's just me missing you like I always do
     D      A            Bm        E
When we are apart you're never far away
A                     D
Now I know you wonder why I go
E                       A
But you've been here so you should know
F#m             D             A   E
Better than anyone else how I feel
A                                       D
Though I guess you've never been on the waiting side
E                     A
Where time slows down every night
     F#m              D       E      A
When you're alone the pain inside is real
E             D
One more town a few more songs
     A                  E
Then I'll be back where I belong
E               D                A
In your arms is where I'll be untill that time
I'll just dream
          D          A   Bm            A
It's just me missing you like I always do
     D      A            Bm        E
When we are apart you're never far away

   From Tammy Rogers "Tammy Rogers"
   1996 Dead Reckoning Records
   Hillbilly Thrill Music(ASCAP)

drums         Harry Stinson
guitar        Kevin Welch
mandolin      Kieran Kane
dobro         Jerry Douglas
Accordian     Tim Lauer

Tammy Rogers ChordsTammy Rogers Lyrics

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