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I Told You So chords - Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Underwood Sheet music
                Carrie Underwood -I Told You so



   F7M    slide          A4  Dm D4       F7M                                      F7M
e--------3-----5--3---1--0---1--3---3   ----3----5---1--------3-----------------------------------

Ou intro: F7M G Dm G    F7M G Dm Am

Suppose I called you up tonight
    F7M              D   F7M
And told you that I love you
 F                      Dm              Am
And suppose I said I want to come back home
    F                          F7M       C7               A
And suppose I cried and said I think I finally learned my lesson
 F                              D      C             G
And Im tired of spending all my time alone
F                         F7M                D  F7M
If I told you that I realized you're all I ever wanted
F                     Dm          Am
And it's killing me to be so far away
F                  F7M           
Would you tell my that you love me too
F             C        F
And would we cry together
C                 Dm                  Gm
Or would you simply laugh at me and say...

C          F      C       Dm   C Dm     
I told you so, I told you so
      Gm                         F7M
I told you some day you'd come crawling back
           Am            F       C
And asking me to take you in
F            Gm F          C     Dm   C  Dm
I told you so    , but you had to go
Now I've found somebody new
               F             C        D   F
And you will never break my heart in two again

(F7M G Dm G    F7M G Dm Am)

If I got down on my knees
              D            F7M
And told you I was yours forever
F7M                    D                     Am
Would you get down on yours too and take my hand
Would we get that old-time feeling
          C         F        C       F
Would we laugh and talk for hours
    F           G/D                    C 
The way we did when our love first began
Would you tell me that you've missed me too
And that you've been so lonely
Gm                                   F7M
And you've waited for the day that I returned
And we'd live and love forever
           F      C       F
And that Im your one and only
C                 Dm                    Gm
Or would you say the tables finally turned

And would you say...

Now I've found somebody new
And you will never break my heart in two again

 F7M G Dm G    F7M G Dm Am   F

   F7M       G          A4        Dm            D4                       Am           G/D         C7


[Thanks to Happyfab for tabs]

Carrie Underwood ChordsCarrie Underwood Lyrics

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