Brian Burns Lyrics
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Brian Burns Lyrics

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Brian Burns Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: American Junkyard [2011]

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Burns Brian
"American Junkyard" [2011]

  1. American Junkyard
  2. The King Is In His Castle
  3. State of the Art
  4. Rattlesnake Tequila
  5. The End Is Not In Sight
  6. Closer To the Truth
  7. J.D.'s Junk City
  8. An Afternoon At J.D.'s
  9. Upside Down
  10. Burnin' Gasoline
  11. To Make A Long Story Short
  12. Get Together
  13. Postcard From Jamaica
  14. Believe In You
  15. Along Old Fence Lines

Album Lyrics: Eagle & the Snake: Songs of the Texians [2001]

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Burns Brian
"Eagle & the Snake: Songs of the Texians" [2001]

  1. Man Walks Among Us
  2. El Llano Estacado
  3. Travis' Letter
  4. Deguello
  5. Ballad of the Alamo
  6. Goliad
  7. Evangelina
  8. Gallo Del Cielo
  9. The Crash At Crush
  10. I've Been Everywhere (In Texas)
  11. Well of the Blues
  12. Walker Behind the Wheel
  13. A Cowboy's Prayer
  14. Third Coast
  15. The Last Living Cowboy
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