Levi Lowrey Lyrics
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Levi Lowrey Lyrics

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Levi Lowrey Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: I Confess I Was A Fool [2011]

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Levi Lowrey
"I Confess I Was A Fool" [2011]

  1. The Problem With Freedom
  2. Act Like We Are Lovers
  3. Wherever We Break Down
  4. Another Sunday Morning
  5. No Good Dreaming Kind
  6. Whiskey and Wine
  7. Freight Hopper
  8. All-American
  9. Yesterdays Fool
  10. Roselee And Odes
  11. Space Between
  12. Hold On Tight

Album Lyrics: I've Held The Devil's Hand [2009]

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Levi Lowrey
"I've Held The Devil's Hand" [2009]

  1. Something More
  2. I've Held The Devil's Hand
  3. Freight Hopper
  4. All American
  5. Suzanne
  6. I Got It In Tune
  7. Traveller
  8. Indictment No. 1
  9. Kiss My Ass
  10. Little Girl

Album Lyrics: Levi Lowrey - Other Songs [0]

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Levi Lowrey
"Levi Lowrey - Other Songs"

  1. Angels and Devils
  2. Come On Brother
  3. David's Song
  4. I Miss You

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