Aaron Jake Goodvin, Fast Lane Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Aaron Jake Goodvin, Fast Lane Tabs, Chords

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Aaron Jake Goodvin - Fast Lane (Chords)

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Fastlane by Aaron Jake Goodvin

(verse 1)
G                 G/B            G7Madd11
You could call it a spur the moment type of thing
C                   D
You can even curse my name
G        G/B      G7Madd11             
Don't take my leaving straight to your heart
C                                 D
Selfish intentions need a brand new place to start
G       G/B             G7Madd11
Hey baby you could say that i've got plans
                          Em           C          D
But I'm not gonna make it anywhere in this town as it stands

           G            G/B
I'm jumpin' in hittin' the gas
Spidometers wrapped and I can't look back
C                                D
Ya as much as I want to, I've got dreams
           G]            G/B
And i know i said that I wanted you to come
But you didn't want to leave that job at home
C                               D
I know that your feelin' the same thing

But these dreams are heading down the fastlane

(verse 2)
My friends tell me i'd be crazy if I passed it up
When you know you want it bad enough
My brother says he knows what the feelings are all about
If it's meant to be it'll all work out
Baby you tell me i've got big boots to fill
So i'm not gonna sit here one more day
I ain't got time to kill

(to chorus)

Baby don't get down
Don't you worry about me
You probably think i'm gone for good
C                     D
But i'm coming back for you

(to chorus)

Aaron Jake Goodvin Tabs & Chords

Aaron Jake Goodvin Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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