Gary Allan, What Would Willie Do Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Gary Allan, What Would Willie Do Tabs, Chords

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Gary Allan - What Would Willie Do (Chords)

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Gary Allan
What Would Willie Do?  written by Bruce Robison

Album: Alright Guy

capo on 4th fret

I was (D) lost in trouble and strife.  I heard a (G)
voice and it changed my life. (D) Now its a brand new
day and I (A) aint afraid to say.  Youre not (D)
alone when youre down & out and I (G) think you know
who Im talking about.  When I dont know how Ill get
through I (A) ask myself (G) what would (A) Willie (D)

(D) What would Willie do, well hed travel so far with
(G) nothing but a song and his old guitar.  And a (D)
tour bus and some semi-trucks, thirty (A) crew men and
a little bit of luck.  Well he loves (A) all the
people, the ugly and the randy (G) if you dont
believe me take a look at the family and theyll (D)
tell you that its true.  When skies are gray (G) what
would (A) Willie (D) do?

(D) Well long ago he came unto us, (G) his words were
simple but they went right through us and the (D)
whole world sang along but then they (A) didnt want
to hear his songs.  He was (D) gone and we thought
wed lost him but he (G) grew his hair and he moved to
Austin, and (D) all of the people smiled, they came to
hear him sing from miles.  Like a (G) miracle all
those (A) rednecks & hippies from (D) New York city
down to (G) Mississippi stood (D) together and raised
a brew.  When its (A) all gone wrong (G) what would
(A) Willie do?

(D) You know sometimes I wonder when I aint getting
nowhere just (G) what would old Willie do when it all
gets too much to bear.  (D) I can see him on his
lonely old tour bus (A) hes got problems just like
any of us.  Well hed just take a (D) deep breath and
then hed let it all go, (G) then hed take another
deep breath and let it all go, and (D) hed take
another deep breath and hed (A) hold it.  Aaah and
Id bet hed feel (D) hungry in a way that seems
strange, yeah (G) hungry for all the things that he
just cant change.  (D) Like the time he passed out in
his own bedroom and his wife sewed him up the sheets
(A) and beat him with a broom and he forgave her.  (D)
And you think thats rough well then the IRS came and
they (G) took away all of his stuff.  They took his
golf course, his recording (D) studio and he just went
out and did another (A) show.

So when its (G) all coming down on (A) you better (G)
ask yourself (G) what would (A) Willie (D) do?  (D)
What would Willie do well hed take a little time and
(G) talk to old Rooster as hed drive on down the line
and theres (D) millions down that road and with a (A)
word hes gonna lighten their load.  He loves (D) all
the people no matter their races, hell he (G) even had
a hit country song with Julio Iglesias and (D) that
aint easy to do.  So when its (A) all too much (G)
what would Willie. . .when the (D) game gets tough
what would (A) Willie. . .when they (D) call your
bluff (G) what would (A) Willie (D) do?

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