Tommy Alverson, Dont Think Go To Mexico Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tommy Alverson, Dont Think Go To Mexico Tabs, Chords

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Tommy Alverson - Dont Think Go To Mexico (Chords)

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ćI Donāt Think Iāll Go To Mexicoä
Written & Performed by: Tommy Alverson
From the CD ćMe On The Jukeboxä
Submitted by:  Wes Wilson (

Intro Chords:  D  G  Em  A  D  (repeat 2 times)

D                                  G                           Em
I donāt think Iāll go, cross the border into Mexico
A                                   D
Iām gonna stay right here by my old campfire.
                                        G                        Em
Just me and my old guitar, underneath Terlingua stars
Iām gonna sit right here all night,
and watch the old sunrise.

Well Iāve been pickinā with my friends
but it seems like theyāve all turned in.
Em                                               A
I canāt make myself go, you know the fireās just right.
My old guitar sounds so good,
               G                   Em
you know they say itās all in the wood.
But I think it just might be the Terlingua quiet, it's so quiet.

(Repeat Chorus, then instrumental break-same chords.)
I aināt in no shape to drive,
        G                Em
I might not make it back alive.
                                           A                      D
Besides Iām having way too much fun here on this side.
Tell Jose I said ćBuenos Diosä,
G                              Em
Maybe next year heāll get to see us.
A                                 D
Weāll have a cold beer or two and stay a little while.

(Repeat Chorus 3 times with slight variations on the words)

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