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Joan Baez, Lily Of The West Chords

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Joan Baez - Lily Of The West (Chords)

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                     Am              C    G
When first I came to Louisville
     F                 Am
Some pleasure there to find
  C      F                G
A damsel there from Lexington
    F              Am
Was pleasing to my mind
    F                     G
Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips
Like arrows pierced my breast
                          C  G
And the name she bore was Flora
    C           Am
The Lily Of The West

I courted lovely Flora
Some pleasure there to find
She turned unto another man
Which sore distressed my mind
She robbed me of my liberty
Deprived me of my rest
Still I love my faithless Flora
The Lily Of The West

Down in yonder shady grove
A man of lowly breed
Conversing with my Flora there
It seemed so strange to me
And the answer that she gave to him
It sure did me oppress
I was betrayed by Flora
The Lily Of The West

I stepped up to my rival
My dagger in my hand
I grabbed him by the collar and
I boldly made him stand
Being mad to desperation
I pierced him in the breast
All for my lovely Flora
The Lily Of The West

I had to stand my trial
I had to make my plea
They placed me in the criminal box
And then commenced on me
Although she swore my life away
Deprived me of my rest
And I (still) love my faithless Flora
The Lily Of The West


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