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Bobby Bare, Ride Me Down Easy 2 Chords

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Bobby Bare - Ride Me Down Easy 2 (Chords)

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G                                C
This old highway she's a hotter than nine kinds of hell
     D7                          G
The rides they is scarce as the rain.
When you're down to your last shuck with nothing to sell
     D7                G
And too far away from the train.

Verse 2:
G                                    C
Been a good month of Sunday's and a guitar ago
   D7                              G
I had a tall drink of yesterday's wine.
Left a long string of friends, some sheets in the wind
     D7                   G
And some satisfied women behind.

G                                     C
So won't you ride me down easy Lord, ride me on down
       D7                       G
Leave word in the dust where I lay.
Say I'm easy come, easy go
     D7               G 
And easy to love when I stay.

Solo G-C-D7-G

Verse 3:
G                                      C
I've put snow on the mountain, raised hell on the hill
        D7                       G
Locked horns with the devil him self.
Been a rodeo bum, a son of a gun
       D7                     G
And a hobo with stars in his crown.

Repeat Chorus, then chorus to fade out

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