Pete Benz, Hang On Cowboy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Pete Benz, Hang On Cowboy Tabs, Chords

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Pete Benz - Hang On Cowboy (Chords)

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Date: 9 Aug 2001
Song: Hang on Cowboy
Artist: Pete Benz
Transposed by: Eddie Garcia

ďHang on CowboyĒ

D              Bm           F#m              A
Brent told mom itís how you ride not how you look

So donít shine my boots
D              Bm           F#m           A
She told Brent itís how you look when you win
So let me shine them again
          G              D     Bm                  A
And as he headed for the rodeo she just smiled and said
     G                     Bm
Just hold on tight son and donít let go
        F#m                         A
Are the only two things you need to knowÖ

D                   Bm          F#m
Just hang on cowboy hang on for me
         A                                 D
Iím your biggest fan it ainít that hard to see
               Bm          F#m
Hang on cowboy to all your dreams
         A                               D
Give Ďem hell but just come back home to me

D             Bm             F#m
Brent went on to ride at the show
He wouldnít stop till he was at the top
D               Bm         F#m
Dad stayed calm by the telephone
                A                         D
Didnít sleep at all till he got the call
               G             D
Brent said Iím eight seconds away from fame
Bm                 A
Dad do you think I can?
    G                  Bm
And he just sighed and then replied
     F#m                       A
Iíve never had more faith in a man

(repeat chorus)
And he gave his life for what he loved
        G                 A
But his memory wonít ever die
           Bm                G            A
And we all know the Lord and he look from above
And we can see him hanginí on
                       A   D
To that big blue Texas sky


(repeat chorus)

Eddie Garcia

**Keepin' it Country**

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