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Blue Highway, I Hung My Head Chords

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Blue Highway - I Hung My Head (Chords)

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(G) (C) (Em) (Am)  do two times

(G) Early one morning, with (C) time to kill
I (Em) borrowed a rifle and (C) sat on the hill
I (G) saw a lone rider, (C) crossing the plain
I (Em) drew a bead on him, to (C) practice my aim
(Am) My brother's rifle, went (D) off in my hand
A shot rang out, a-(G)-cross the land
The (C) horse he kept running, the (Em) rider was dead
I (G) hung my head, I (C) hung my head (Em) (C)

(G) I set off running, to (C) wake from the dream
(Em) My brother's rifle went (C) into the stream
(G) I kept on running, (C) into the salt lands
And (Em) that's where they found me, my (C) head in my hands
The (Am) sheriff he asked me, (D) why had I run
Then it came to me, just (G) what I had done
And all (C) for no reason, just (Em) one piece of lead
I (G) hung my head, I (C) hung my head (Em) (C)

(G) (C) (Em) (Am) (D)
(G) (C) (Em) (Am) (D)

(G) Here in the courthouse, the (C) whole town is there
(Em) I see the judge, (C) high up in his chair
Ex-(G)-plain to the courtroom, what (C) went through your mind
And (Em) we'll ask the jury what (C) verdict they find
I said, (Am) I felt the power of (D) death over life
I orphaned his children, I (G) widowed his wife
I (C) beg their forgiveness, I (Em) wish I was dead.
I (G) hung my head, I (C) hung my head (Em) (C) (Am) (D)

Instrumental break – Follow pattern of first verse

Note in the last verse, just use instruments on the parts that are CAPITALIZED.

(G) Early one morning, with (C) time to kill
(Em) I see the gallows, (C) up on the hill
And (G) off in the distance, a (C) trick of the brain
I (Em) see a lone rider, (C) crossing the plain
(Am) He's come to fetch me, to (D) see what they've done
We'll ride together (G) till kingdom come
I (C) pray for God's mercy, for (Em) soon I'll be dead
I (G) hung my head, (I (C) HUNG MY HEAD)
I (Em) hung my head, (I (Am) HUNG MY HEAD)

I (G) hung my heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Instrumental end
What I would do here is just follow pattern of first verse and fade away.

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