Blue Rodeo, Sad Nights Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Blue Rodeo, Sad Nights Tabs, Chords

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Blue Rodeo - Sad Nights (Chords)

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Intro: A D (x2)

I walked you to the corner we stood beside the bus
And the tears rolled down our faces as the driver stared at us
Typical summer that time of year
When you go back to Toronto and I stay here

And Iíll miss the way you wake up
And the way that you sigh
          E                                D            A
And Iíll miss the way you turn your head away when you cry
I donít think this time will fly

A               D
Here comes the sad nights again
 Bm             E           A
Here comes the sad nights again

Round about midnight when itís still too hot to think
Weíll go back down to the neighborhood and get ourselves a drink
Everyday working not getting far
You know this town ainít much for starting up itís only
made for stars

Later when Iím walking
Underneath the starless sky
Thereís a couple in the doorway and I think I hear them cry
But they turn their heads when I go by


F#m D F#m E
F#m D Bm  E

Last days of summer San Gennaro Feast
Thereís much hanging in the air and dancing in the streets
People line the corners and they stand beside the fires
And Iím watching from my window as the sparks go by

Somewhere thereís a gunshot
People scatter everywhere
But it happens everyday so thereís still laughter in the air
And as I lay down I wish you were here


      Bm        E           A
Here comes the sad nights again

A-Asus2-A (repeat to end)


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Blue Rodeo Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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