Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Dirty Fightin' Love Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Dirty Fightin' Love Tabs, Chords

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Jason Boland & the Stragglers - Dirty Fightin' Love (Chords)

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       G                   D         Am7          C/B     C  
Well I guess that you kept me around so you could run him off
         G                D                    C 
Yeah but he came crawling back one day and you told me to get lost 
        G                 D     Am7         C/B      C  
Tell me what gave you the right to give the push and shove
    G                D                     C              G 
Iím getting sick and tired of you and your dirty fightiní love

Yeah I guess you think youíre pretty smart working to your cause
Well me Iím just a clown out here, Iím a clown without applause
Pulled out your cold, hard side arm, looked up and shot a dove
Another victim claimed by you and your dirty fighting love

                  C                         G
She did it with a straight face, she didnít even bat an eye
F           C               D                       F       C 
Wasnít even lookiní, do you ever wonder why you end up with nothiní
G                  C
God knows that you tried 
               Am7     C/B C        D           G
You run out of cigarettes, and even roses gotta die

Youíve done this before, Iím sure, bet youíll do it again
One time will be your last time baby, and youíll be stuck with him
Youíll be the one lookiní back remembering the way it was
Wishiní to God you changed your ways and your dirty fightin love

Well I know youíve done the same old stuff before, Iím sure youíll do it again
This time will be the last time baby, youíll be wondering where Iíve been
Yeah youíll be the one whoís looking back remembering the way it was
Just wishing to God you could change your ways and your dirty fightin love

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