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Paul Brandt, Small Towns And Big Dreams 2 Chords

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Paul Brandt - Small Towns And Big Dreams 2 (Chords)

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Richard Hooper requested this song in the last newsletter.  Hope this helps
you out! Support Canadian country music!


F              C
I grew up in a small town
B                   C              F
A wheat field for a downtown kinda place
There was really not much around
    B                    C
You blink and you miss it
F                 C
I never knew what life would bring
B                C
But I always had big dreams
F                  C
I loved to play my guitar and sing
          B                     C
And every night I would wish that
B                     C
I'd get a shot on the Opry stage
B                        C
And have people come and see me play
B                  C
Blastin' on the radio waves
          B             C
Enough to make my momma cry

                           F    B C          F     C
'Cause that's where I come from      That's who I am
                 F          B  C           F          C
Hard workin' and God blessed  "Yes, sir", "Thank you, ma'am"
          F                 C           B
The best things around that I have ever seen
          B        C  F     C      F    B C F C
Came from small towns   and big dreams

That small town went and grew up
But I never changed much by God's grace
Friends and family kept in touch
When I moved to Tennessee
Sing my songs and travel 'round
I met a girl and we're settlin' down
We wanna find a small town
where we can raise a family


Been around the world, don't matter anywhere I go
Even here in Vancouver

I've found my kind of folks
B                  F
It's about you and who you are
It's all a state of mind
           B                      F            C
And as I'm giving you my heart I hope you find

'Cause that's where I come from, that's who I am
Hard workin' and God blessed
"Yes, sir", "Thank you, ma'am"
The best things around that I have ever seen
          F                 C           B
Just look around you'll see just what I mean
The best things around that I have ever seen
Came from small towns and big dreams


B: |xxx331| or |113331|
C: |x32010|
F: |xx3211| or |133211|

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