Hayes Carll, KMAG YOYO Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Hayes Carll, KMAG YOYO Tabs, Chords

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Hayes Carll - KMAG YOYO (Chords)

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Well, daddy joined the Air Force, said it was a good source
Danger, love, and money, but it only led to divorce
Ended up in Abilene working at a Dairy Queen
Put me in the Army on the day that I turned seventeen
Here I am standiní in the desert with a gun
Thought of going AWOL but Iím too afraid to run
So I got myself a new plan Stealiní from the Taliban
Make a little money turning poppies into heroin
Sergeant didnít like it so they put me in a hole
I said, ďItís easy shootiní when they donít know where to go.Ē
Threw me on a lily pad Sent me home to NORAD
I knew Iíd be in trouble but I didnít think it be this bad

Guitar solo

Stranger weariní all black met me on the tarmac
Told him I was sorry but I ainít ever going back
He said, you ainít in trouble son, learn to fight without a gun
Got a new assignment now, youíre working for the Pentagon
Gonna take a trip, wouldnít tell me what itís for
Gotta serve your country, gonna help us win the war
MIT, Ph.D.ís, night and day, theyíre testing me
Ainít what I was thinking but Iím being all that I can be
I ainít no genius but I knew it wasnít right
Eating uppers in the morning and LSD at night
Send me off to deep space help Ďem win the arms race
Ola me, oh mighty, but this s**t has got a funny taste

Guitar solo

I think I hear the countdown, hundred feet above the ground
Told me when Iím leaviní but aínothing Ďbout aícoming down
Sittiní on a bad dream, thousand pounds of gasoline
Ainít leaviní nothing but some rubble and my slipstream
Mama always said, I should be aiminí for the moon
Never wouldíve guessed that Iíd be passiní by soon
How the hellíd I get here, blastiní through the atmosphere
Drop the rocket boosters and Iím shiftiní into high gear
Bowie on the system and a bottle on my knee
Armstrong ainít got nothing on me
Hey ho, here we go KMAG YOYO
Someone wanna get me, gotta come up where the sun donít go

Guitar solo

I think I see a bright light,something Ďbout it ainít right
I laid down in a space ship Woke up in a fire-fight
Trippiní from the morphine, came down in a bad scene
God, donít let me die here, I ainít even 19
I wonít ever ask you, Lord for anything again
Iíll swear it on the Bible, Torah or Koran
Lyiní in a rhino track ĎBout to have a heart attack
IED got to me, someone call the Medevac
I need some fixiní after where it is Iíve been
Never wanna go and try and shoot a gun again
Slippiní out the back door, gonna join the Peace Corps
Tell me, Iím a hero now, so someone else can fight this war 

Carll Hayes Tabs & ChordsCarll Hayes Lyrics

Carll Hayes Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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