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Carter Family, Temptation Chords

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Carter Family - Temptation (Chords)

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June Carter duet with Johnny Cash

(Johnny Cash:)
Rosen on the bow and here we go (G)

Oh, (G)tell me will you, darlin', why you (C)look so bad to-(G)night
You got (C)bags around your (G)eyeballs that are (D)red instead of (G)white

(June Carter:)
Well, let me put it this (G)way, you came, I was alone
Shucks, I should a (D)knowed that you was temp-(G)tation
You smiled a leering me on, my heart is plumb (D)gone 
'Cause you was temp-(G)tation 

Itfll be (G)thrillin' if youfre (B)willin'
But if it (D)never can be then a pity for me
For (G)you was too bored to be kissed
I couldn't resist 'cause you was temp-(F)tation and I was (G)yours

As the (G)apple tempted Adam, as the (C)serpent tempted (G)Eve
As the (C)willow tree tempts the (G)caterpillar, baby
(D)Thatfs how you tempted (G)me

As the (G)corn liquor tempts the drunkard, as (C)sorghum tempts the (G)bee
As the (C)mud hole tempts the mos-(G)quito, baby
(D)Thatfs how you tempted (G)me

For (G)you came and I was alone
Shucks, I should a (D)knowed that you was tem-(G)ptation
A ring-a-ding-ding-ding
(G)You smiled a leering me on my heart is plumb (D)gone 
For you was temp-(G)tation

Itfll be (G)thrillin' if youfre (B)willin'
But if it (D)never can be then a pity for me
For (G)you was too bored to be kissed 
I couldnft resist cause you was temp-(F)tation and I was (G)yours

Here is (G)my heart, take it away, oh take it away
Say that we will never, never, never (C)part
Ifm just a (Bb)slave, just a dadburn (D)slave
Ifm a going to wed (G)you
For youfre temp-(C)tation and Ifm a red hot (Bb)flame
Hot splinter
For you (Bb)

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