Wilf Carter, Hittin The Trail Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Wilf Carter, Hittin The Trail Tabs, Chords

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Wilf Carter - Hittin The Trail (Chords)

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Here's another Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) song - it's a simple one, but
perky and fun to perform. There's a short sound clip of it at
www.saddlebagstheband.com under "Our Recordings", RANCH DRESSING, which
includes the yodel.

Thanks for the opportunity to share these songs.  Alice Hanks, alice@mcn.net

(I'M) HITTIN" THE TRAIL   Wilf Carter, (recorded ~ 1935)   Key of  G

I'm [D7] head-in' up a trail it's mighty [G] windin',
[D7] Headin' for the valley far be- [G] low.
Get a- [C] long, get along, get along, get along, little [G] do-gy.
Get [D7] along, get along, get along, Hi-Dee- [G] Ho.

Old [D7] Pal, his legs are getting' mighty [G] weary.
The [D7] weath-er's kinda lookin' like some [G] snow.
Get a- [C] long, get along, get along, get along, little [G] do-gy
It's [D7] mighty hard to keep you on the [G] go.

YODEL (D7 to G, D7 to G)

I hear the lonely co - yo-tee howl-in'
The prair-ie dogs are duckin' for their holes.
Get along, get along, get along, get along, little do-gy.
Get along, get along, get along, hi-de-ho.

The flam-in' sun is settin' kind of peaceful.
The breeze is rustlin' through the purple sage.
Birds have ceased their singin', shadows fallin'.
I would-n't change my job for any wage.


The low-in' of the cattle in the valley.
Smok-in' campfire at the break of dawn.
I fan-cy I can smell the bacon fryin'.
Get along, get along, get along, Roll C-long.

Old cow-belly beans are appetizin'
Af-ter weary hours along the trail
Roll up in your blanket mighty peaceful
Dream you're poundin' dogies down the trail.


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