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Rosanne Cash, Change Partners Chords

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Rosanne Cash - Change Partners (Chords)

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Roseanne Cash       Change Partners      written by Roseanne Cash  

John Leventhal      guitar/electric piano/background vocals
Benmont Tench       piano
Zev Katz            bass
Frank Vilardi       drums   

A   Dsus D Bm Asus A  Dsus D  Bm Asus A

D                   Bm
In the middle of my life
                 F#m             A
When my fate was sealed and tied
D                     Bm
The heavens rain down fire
                   F#m A
The earth and moon conspire
Em            Bm  A
To open up my eyes
Em              Bm A
Make me face my lies
D                  Bm
I crawl through an abyss
               F#m A
I struggle and resist
D               Bm
Somehow I break free
                F#m A
Someone becomes me
Em                 Bm A
And when I stand upright
Em                    Bm  A
I'm filled with a new light
Em                 A
I'm given one more chance
So I change partners
            G      Dsus D Bm Asus A   Dsus D Bm Asus A
In this new dance
D                   Bm
The moon stays on a course
                F#m A
No mortal will force
D                 Bm
The courage to go deep
                     F#m A
Is gathered while we sleep
Em              Bm A
I'm purified by fire
Em             Bm  A         
Renewed by my desire
Em               A
Nothings left to chance
So I change partners
            G     Dsus D Bm 
In this new dance
I change partners
            G     D Dsus Bm
In this new dance
            E        G  Dsus D  Bm   Dsus D Bm   D
I'll change partners

From Roseanne Cash  "The Wheel"
Columbia Records 1993
Chelcait Music


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