Jeremy Castle, For The Ones Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jeremy Castle, For The Ones Tabs, Chords

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Jeremy Castle - For The Ones (Chords)

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by Jeremy Castle

Words and Music by Jeremy Castle
 Copyright 1998 Jeremy Castle

(Em) This (C) song (G) is for the (D) ones (Em) who (C) believe in God
(G) above (D)
(Em) This (C) song (G) is for the (D) ones (Em) who (C) ponder on the
(G) love (D) of (Em) God (C-G-D)

To (Em) give; (C) what does it (G) mean to (D) give?
(Em) It's (C) surely not to (G) take (D).
A(Em)bandon(C)ing one's (G) own de(D)sires-
(Em) For (C) someone else's (G) sake (D).

(Em) What does it (C) mean (G) to really (D) pray?
(Em) To (C) put life in God's (G) hands (D).
To (Em) trust that (C) He (G) is in con(D)trol-
(Em) For (C) I am just a (G) man (D).

To (Em) worry; (C) (G) Why to (D) worry?
(Em) Why (C) waste such precious (G) time (D)?
Im(Em)provement (C) for (G) a better (D) life-
(Em) Is (C) lost to stress of (G) mind (D).

(Em) What does it (C) mean (G) to really (D) love?
(Em) To (C) sacrifice one's (G) needs (D).
To (Em) give one's (C) life (G) for someone (D) else-
(Em) Re(C)gardless of their (G) deeds (D).

(Em) This (C) song (G) is for the (D) ones (Em) who (C) believe in God
(G) above

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