Ashley Clevland, Water Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ashley Clevland, Water Tabs, Chords

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Ashley Clevland - Water (Chords)

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Ashley Clevland        Water  written by Ashley Clevland

Kenny Greenberg    guitar
Michael Rhodes     bass
Chad Crowell       drums
Wally Wilson       keyboards
Marshall Chapman   background vocals
Marcos Suzano      percussion

Csus  C   Csus  C
Csus C  Csus  C                 F    G   
Water         to a woman in the desert  
Csus  C  Csus C             F    G   
Healing       to the driest bones
       C                       C/E           
I have longed for this  I have wept and prayed
F         C/E              G               
Believing I  would live to see this day 
    C                C/E             F       C/E      G 
But faith gets lost along the way to vows in sand and hearts of clay
Bb9     Csus  C  
Csus C Csus C                     F       G   
More        than the sum of every petitions
Csus  C Csus C                      F  G
Better       than the best of laid plans
There is no guess work here
No old wrongs to right
   F        C/E      G
No creeping fears or notions of flight
       C                    C/E
Just a show of hands in the sweetest kiss
      F        C/E              G
And a lifetime left for nights like this
C9          C                 Bb F Dm C
I'll be the watchman at your borders 
C9       C               Bb   F   Dm C  Gsus G
Like the tatoos on your shoulder
       C                      C/E                 
I have made my peace I could ask no more
     F       C/E              G
I am signing off through this open door
       C                     C/E
I will take your name I will wear your ring
    F   C/E         G
And put aside every childish thing
Bb9    Csus  C

From Ashley Clevland "Bus Named Desire"
RCA  Reunion Records  1993
Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp(BMI)

Clevland Ashley Tabs & Chords

Clevland Ashley Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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