Tom Connors, Tillsonburg 2 Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tom Connors, Tillsonburg 2 Tabs, Chords

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Tom Connors - Tillsonburg 2 (Chords)

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     From the Great White North, it's Stompin'  Tom's first hit. 




My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,

While way  down in southern On(E)tario,

I never had  a nickel or a (A)dime to show,

A fella  beeped up in a (E)automobile,

Said you  wanna work in the to(A)bacco fields,

Of  (D)Tillsonburg, (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,


He said I'll  only give ya seven (E)bucks a day,

And if your  any good you get a (A)raise in pay,

Your beds  all ready on the (E)bunk house floor,

If it gets a  little chilly you can (A)close the door,

(D)Tillsonburg,  (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,


I was  feelin' in the mornin' any(E)thing but fine,

The farmer  said I'm gonna teach ya (A)how  da prime,

He says you  gotta don a pair of (E)oil skin pants,

If you wanna  work in those to(A)bacco plants,

Of  (D)Tillsonburg, (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,


We landed in  a field that was (E)long and wide,

With one old  horse and (A)five more guys,

I asked him  where to find the (E)cigarette trees,

When he said  bend over I was (A)ready to leave,

(D)Tillsonburg,  (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,




He said just  to pick the (E)bottom leaves,

And don't  start crawlin' on your (A)hands and knees,

Prime your  row 'cause you'll (E)get no pay,

For standin'  there pickin' at your (A)nose all day,

'Round  (D)Tillsonburg, (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,


With a  broken back bendin' (E)over there,

I was wet  right through to the (A)underwear,

And it was  stuck to my (E)skin like glue,

From the  nicotine tar and the (A)mornin' dew,

Of  (D)Tillsonburg, (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,


Now the  nearest river was (E)two miles from,

The place  they were waitin' for the (A)boat to come,

When I heard  some talk about (E)makin' the kill,

I was down  the highway and (A)over the hill,

From  (D)Tillsonburg, (A)Tillsonburg,

My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word,


Now there's  one thing you can (E)always bet,

If I never  smoke another (A)cigarette,

I might get  taken in a (E)lot of deals,

But I won't  go work in them to(A)bacco fields,

Of  (D)Tillsonburg, (A)Tillsonburg,
 My  (E)back still aches when I hear that  (A)word.

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