Cowboy Copas, Signed, Sealed And Delevered Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Cowboy Copas, Signed, Sealed And Delevered Tabs, Chords

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Cowboy Copas - Signed, Sealed And Delevered (Chords)

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G                  D
Signed sealed and delivered
                        G              (1961)
A package containing my heart
To open remove the wrapper 
    D                     G
But please don't tear it apart

You tore up this heart when you left me 
You left me alone and so blue
I'm sending this special delivery 
Please handle with care it's for you

               ( guitar )

It's all that I have to offer 
But darling you know that it's true
Signed sealed and delivered 
The postman will bring it to you

I thought perhaps you would keep it 
Just for a while don't you see
Oh darling please keep it forever 
Without you it's no good to me

Signed sealed and delievered 
a pack that's containing my heart
I send it to you as a token 
I'm sorry we're so far apart

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Cowboy Copas
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