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Chris Cummings, For The Music Tabs, Chords

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Chris Cummings - For The Music (Chords)

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Chris Cummings - For The Music

D - (D/E) - G - (G/F#) - A  (2x)

D      G
Here I go
D            A
Down the same old road
D         G               D           Bm             G
It's the only one that takes me to a place I really know
D           G
And there I am
D        A
Age of 15 again
D       G              D           A
Heading out with that guitar in my hand
For the big time
      D       G
That was the plan
        G              D           A
Now somewhere in the middle I am home again

Cause I need to laugh
   D/C#    Bm    Bm/A
I need to sing
G               D             A
Simply for the music that it brings
Cause I've been away 
       D/C#  Bm   Bm/A
For far too long
G                   D                 G
Sometimes the only place to find your song
    D    G      A
Is ho-oo-oo-oo-ome
 D     G     A

So there I go
Hey, I put it off you know
But it must go on
Ain't that what they say about the show
But I'm leaving light
There's no baggage on my mind
The road is long, but I face it with a smile
And it's the first one 
In a while
And I know where to go if it's fate this time


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Cummings Chris Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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