Darren Coggan, If I Had My Time Again Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Darren Coggan, If I Had My Time Again Tabs, Chords

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Darren Coggan - If I Had My Time Again (Chords)

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Darren Coggan - If I Had My Time Again 

Intro might be a bit simplified, but sounds pretty good.

Capo 2.

 C       G     Am         F    G

C                           G      C
It's a fibro house with a rip screen door 
C                       G     C
They don't have visitors anymore 
C                           G       C
The lawns unmowed and the car won't start 
 C                                G        C
They've got to find some cash for that new part 
       F                            G
It's the second best house in the second best street 
 C                 C/B                Am
They're doing their best just to make ends meet 
Just to make ends meet 

Jesse don't run 
Sam don't fight 
        Am                  F   G
I'll be glad when your in bed tonight 
  C                              G           Am
I've been running this race since God knows when 
            F                G
She says, "Things would be different
      F      G      C
If I had my time again" 


Had two kids by age eighteen 
Traded school for a washing machine 
Traded dreams on the boy next door 
But he don't come around much anymore 
He was a third rate man with a third rate heart 
He pushed around right from the start 
Right from the start 


When the day is done and all is quiet 
Under the stars she lays outside 
She sees the moon and feels alone 
But it's the only home that she's ever known 
It's a first rate love from a first rate heart 
And nothing's gonna tear her family apart 
Her little home apart 

Jesse don't cry 
it'll be alright 
        Am                    F       G
We'll still be here in the morning light
  C                        G         Am 
We're gonna run this race until the end
         F                        G 
She says, "Some things would be different... 
         F                   G
Well a few things could be different my child... 
      F                G
But nothing would be different... 
       F    G      C     C - G - Am - F - G - C
If I had my time again." 


Chords:          No capo:
C   - x32010     D    - xx0232
G   - 320033     A    - x02220
Am  - x02210     Bm   - x24432
F   - 133211     G    - 320033
  or- xx3211       or - xx5433
C/B - x2x010     D/C# - x4x232 

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