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Paul Eason, Driftin' By Chords

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Paul Eason - Driftin' By (Chords)

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                (Hint: capo 4, play in key of G) 

Intro: B   F#/A#   G#m   F#   E   B/D#   F# 

E 	        B/D#                 F#/C# 	  	 B 
That same moon that we watched so many nights 
E 	 B/D#                    F#    	  
Still hangs in the August sky 
E       B/D#     	                     F#/C# 	       B 
My rear view mirror is still slanted to the side 
E 	  	         B/D#    F# 
From when I could look in it and see your eyes 

B  	  	 F#/A#        	    G#m 	      F#  
Everything just keeps on driftin by 
 	 E  	        B/D#  	     F# 
Like a tube on that river, you and I 
 	    B  	  	 F#/A#        	 G#m 
And the only thing that I cant clearly see 
     E 	  	    F# 	       B 
Is why you left Texas and me 

Every time that I play this old guitar 
I wish I was still playin it for you 
I still cant think about that dusty hill country 
Without feelin just a little blue 

F# 	  	     E 	  	         B 
And I knew just lookin at you my rear view would only show me 
C#m 	  	   G#m 	  	          E       F# 
The back of my seat in the days to come 
 	        E 	  	       B 	  	        C# 	  	 G#m 
But these days just take forever, I cant believe this month is over 
         E 	  	  	  	        F# 
And you just keep slippin further away 


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